Cheese and Dairy farm Kuiper

Heideweg 2
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Welcome to Cheese- and Dairy farm Kuiper

We’re Jan and Thera Kuiper. Our dairy farm is situated in the wide Alblasserwaard. It’s a beautiful area with a lot of history. A region where we really care about. It’s also the region that gives us so much: delicious dairy products. Our company covers different parts: our modern cheese factory, the livestock, a shop where we sell our dairy products and a beautiful presentation room in authentic farmers style. Because we find it really important to tell people about our unique profession. To let people taste and enjoy everything that the nature offers us.


Cheese factory


Earlier all farmers in this region lived in the village. So did our ancesters. We lived close to the church. Every farmer had small plots behind their farm, mostly three kilometers long. When you wanted to get to the back of your plot, you had a long walk ahead of you. In practice this didn’t happened much, farmers only mowed there. The cows also didn’t go to the back, so that caused a problem with the fertilizing. Because of this the land became poor and people started calling it the ‘hei’. Our current farm cheese farm – which was built in 1975 – stands on the ‘hei’. The road is also called the Heideweg. Along this road there are situated many farms who were first situated in the village. Here we have much more space. Because of this we became the company that we are today: with a tight team that exists of three ladies and three men.


Dairy shop


Along with our cheese farm we also have a shop where we sell our cheese. Here we sell more than only cheese. The shop also is a taste panel. We think it’s really important that we know how a new cheese is rated and what the opinion of our customers is. Only then we can make cheese to our satisfaction. We have 250 cows and 150 calves and the farmer knows them all by name. If one of our cows is late for the milking, then the farmer knows there’s something wrong. Cows are creatures of habit. If they do something different than normal, we know there’s something wrong. That’s extremely painful for us. Because our cows, they are our team. We take care of them the best we can. Because what you give, you get back in return. Good care and good food create good milk. Good milk is the perfect base for our cheese.


Making cheese


Making cheese exists of two aspects: the real process of making cheese and the work around it. Thera makes sure the first part goes without problems and Jan is there for the work around the actual cheese making. They both know how the cheese making works, but Jan can’t do it by himself. Thera has developed our unique recipe.


Presentation room


Many people visit our farm. We made a special room for our visitors. It’s furnished in an authentic farmers style. We like to tell people about all the work on the farm. We explain the process of making cheese and you can see more about the rich history of our farm. Of course there’s a possibility to taste different types of dairy products. Because next to our different types of farmstead we also make yoghurt, dairy butter, buttered milk, quark and different kinds of other products.